Setup A Zapier Connection

Set up a Zapier Zap to connect to your RealWebsite account to send New and Updated Lead details to email, SMS, CRM or any other application to automate your contact management and communication.

Step 1:

Create a Zapier account by going here: 

Step 2:

Create a new Zap:


Step 3:

Select the RealProspect App as the "Trigger":


Step 4:

Choose the event type you would like to process (New Lead Or Lead Udated):


Step 5:

Choose the option to "Connect A New Account":


Step 6:

Login to your RealWebsite account and copy your Zapier API key from the "Account" settings tab:


Step 7:

Past your api key into the Zapier "Allow Access" dialog and click "Yes, Continue":


Step 8:

Test the trigger to see sample or recent lead data and continue to build your Zap by choosing an action and following the steps to complete the setup and publish your Zap.



You should now have a Zap setup to send new and updated lead details to your other integrated systems.  If you get stuck or have questions, feel free to contact our support team (click here) and we would be glad to help!