If yore a real estate investor and you would like to learn how to quickly setup a website for your business, to attract sellers to make offers to, and buyers to sell deals to, that captures their contact details so you can follow-up and turn those leads into deals that make you money!

Well.. in this video I’m going to show you how you can get a website setup in 15 minutes or less, that’s designed to attract visitors from search engines and social media, that you can send people to from your direct mail and offline marketing campaigns, that builds up your credibility, and converts your site visitors into leads, so you can quickly respond to them and get more deals…

My name is John Schroeder… I’m co-founder of RealWebsite and I’ve been involved in the real estate investing community creating software and websites for over 17 years. We developed the first direct mail automation and contact manager for real estate investors in 2005, and since then have created and hosted over 60,000 websites for investors, and have spent millions of dollars advertising online to get high quality leads for business all over the united states… so we know how to setup a website to attract visitors and converts them into leads.

And im going to show you how you can do it to...

You’ve got two main options when it comes to getting a website setup for your business, you can use one of the cheap do it yourself online site builders, or you can have one created by a web designer...

But.. the problem with those do-it-yourself site builders is that they have generic designs and basic content, essentially it's just an online business card that doesn’t typically get good search engine listings and usually doesn’t convert visitors into leads very well.

Not to mention they're too complicated to learn, or not specific to real estate investing, so they don't have the features you need for your business, and since you have to start with a generic template, you could end up spending hours working on your website, and it still ends up looking a bit unprofessional - because you’re not a web designer, you’re a real estate investor and I'm sure you'd rather be focusing on making offers on properties, not screwing around with your website for days..

The other options is to get one created by a web designer that could cost thousands of dollars, that often still doesn’t convert well because they’re usually focused on fancy design aspects and miss key element that you need to convert visitors into leads, plus you have to pay every time you want to make a simple change which slows you down and makes it difficult to quickly try different ways to market your business.

But I have another option for you that you gets you the best of both worlds...

At RealWebsite we offer pre-configured websites and hosting services for real estate investors...

And you can quickly setup a professional looking webste that was created specifically for real estate investors by digital marketers with years of lead generation experience, so it’s designed for high conversions.

And, It has all the features you need for any investing business type.


Fixing & Flipping

Rental Properties

Lease Option


Mobile Homes


Commercial Properties

Vacant Land

Private Lending

Note Buying

Basically anything

Plus you get the flexibility and control you could expect from a user-friendly website builder that allows you to easily manage it yourself, if you can edit a Word or Google document then you have the skills you need to be able to manage your website yourself.

It also has a properties feature so you can quickly upload images and details about any properties that you have for sale or rent, and then you can send an email to your buyers list with a link to the property details page... And you can build your buyers list faster by requiring new visitors to "opt-in" to view address and price info.

The whole point in having a website is to get you more leads that turn into deals, so your site is setup with landing pages for all the prospects you're targeting (like sellers, buyers, tenants, private lenders) so these pages are designed to convert more of your site visitors into leads.

One of the best ways to get more visitors is to get your website listed on search engines, and you can do that by adding blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis...

So your site comes with a blog with several posts already on it, and it's really easy to add new ones.

You don't have to be a professional writer to create blog posts, you can just add success stories from recent deals you completed, or before and after pictures of properties you rehabbed, or industry related news in your target investing markets…

And then share your blog posts on your Facebook Business Page & social profiles with just a click... and RealWebsite makes sure your shared posts look great when they're found by people looking for your services.

Over 60% of your visitors are going to visit your site on a mobile device like a tablet or phone, so your website is optimized and ready to display on any device.

And... your phone number is click to call enabled so visitors on mobile phones can quickly click your number to open their dial pad with your number inserted and call you which can greatly increase the number of leads you get.

It's important to respond quickly to people who submit forms on your website, otherwise you could lose them to a competitor.  With our leads manager you'll see your leads all in one place and get notified by email immediately when visitors submit forms on your website.

Plus you can connect to any CRM, Email or SMS marketing services to automate your contact management and follow-ups to get connected quickly with your prospects.

And you can create up to 3 websites, so you can have separate sites for selling and buying, or create ones specific to different cities or states you are investing in, or target them to specific investment strategies.  Maybe you want to create one for a specific project you are working on, and then delete it when you’re done.  And if you need more than 3 websites, no problem, we can set you up to have access to install as many sites as you need.

You also get a library of short and easy to follow “how to” videos to show you how to make changes and manage your webiste yourself, like add landing pages, SEO optimize your content, add properties and create lead capture forms, so you can attract visitors from search engines and social media, and then convert those visitors into leads… and do more deals!

And whenever you have a question, or get stuck on something you can just ask our Live Chat support that is available 7 days a week.

Our goal is to provide you with a real website, designed to get you real results, and provide you excellent support, all at a low monthly price affordable to all investors at any level of experience.

We put a lot of work into this, to make it as little work for you... to get a site setup fast... that will help you grow your business…

And if you would like to check it out and see what it’s all about, just click the button below this video to start your free trial, and your website will be set up and ready to capture leads in the next 15 minutes.

Thanks for watching...

We look forward to having you as a RealWebsite member and wish you the best of success in your real estate investing business.

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