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Here's What Happens Next:

Someone from our Map Boost fulfillment team will send you an email to confirm some details to setup this campaign like; service keywords, service area location.

NOTE: Please be sure to check your SPAM and promotions folders so you do not miss our emails.

Unfortunately sometimes the content in our emails because of the nature of our SEO related services can trigger email filters.

Campaign Launch:

Once you have approved the campaign setup details, it typically takes 3-5 business days to get the campaign launched and send your launch report.

The launch report shows the directory site we setup for you and your current profile rankings that we will use as a starting point to track performance.

30 Day Progress Report:

After the initial launch report, we will get you another report in 30 days that will show the organic page rankings and any initial rank improvements.

Monthly Reporting:

Then every 30 days we will update content and re-submit to Google to get as many pages as possible organically ranked and report on your profile ranking improvements.

If you have any questions you can email us at or visit our support site and submit a ticket or start a live chat with one of our real live agents here:

We look forward to helping you get the most from your business profile.


John Schroeder
Co-Founder RealWebsite