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Business Name:
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123 Main St, Sarasota FL 34208

Campaign Keywords:

Below are the keywords that we have verified that get the most search volume and display business profiles on the Google search results.

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Here's What Happens Next:

You will receive an email & SMS notification with a link to your campaign launch report that will show where your Google Business Profile currently ranks in your service area for each of the keywords above.

We will also provide a link to your "local directory site" that will have 500+ pages optimized for the services you offer and locations within your service area. (see the explainer video)

Once the campaign is launched Google will begin to index and rank all of the directory site pages we created and you will receive the 2nd report in 30 days showing the initial results.

Our expectation is after 30 days you will see many (typically over 100+) directory site pages for your business listed #1 at the top of Google orgnaic search results.

Every 30 days for the next 11 months we will send a campaign update report tracking the progress and rank improvements of your Google Business Profile.