Our First Blog Post For The New Re-branded, Re-launched Company RealWebsite

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

Our first blog post for the new re-branded, re-launched company… RealWebsite!!!   

Woohoo… we’re EXCITED!!!  

2020 is now behind us, and 2021 is looking to be a GREAT year.  

We have awesome products and services (we worked HARD on these), an amazing team, and serious goals for this year.

Who Are We?

In 2019 a group of us that have been working together successfully on various projects for 10 years joined forces once again to develop a service that would help local small businesses with their digital marketing needs.

Here we are…

John Schroeder

Sasha Kotlo

Mili Kotlo
Customer Support

Serge Vresnik
Customer Support

Boban Mitrovic

Jovana Alasevic
Customer Support

Matt Grimm
Sales & Marketing

We outlined our business plan, identified our goals, and jumped right into a year of development, and BOOM… COVID hit. Bummer!!! 🙁

However, this got us thinking a little differently about our plan. 

What we realized is that with all of the layoffs and business shutdowns and job losses from lockdowns… the American spirit kicked in and people started getting resourceful.

We noticed people weren’t going to sit back and just let their financial futures be dictated by others, and decided to take control… and start businesses of their own.

The Wall Street Journal and other major news outlets reported that New business registrations by September of 2020 had surged to a 13 year high!

And what is the first thing people do when they start a business?

They get a website!!!

Who Are We Going to Serve?

Everyone who needs a website typically starts by jumping on their device of choice and hit the search engines and start looking at their options.

What we have found is that people fall into one of these scenarios:

Scenario 1:
You’ll search and find all the free website builders that give you a template to start with and then you have to change all the content and images to really fit your needs, which ends up wasting hours if not days of your life and if you’re lucky, you get something up that you’re not really happy with.

Scenario 2:
You contact a website designer that will build you a custom website that will no doubt look awesome and have all the slick graphics and award winning design aspects, but they want to charge you $3,500 at a minimum and some upwards of TEN GRAND! 

Scenario 3:
You ask a friend, relative, maybe even your own kid to use their skills to “get me a website setup” and they either do it all wrong, or you have to chase them for weeks to get it done or make even the smallest of changes… and ultimately cause friction in your relationship.

But the worst part…

All three of these scenarios typically end up with you having a website that doesn’t get you leads or customers. 

Because not all websites are the same, and most websites are not built by digital marketing experts with over 20 years experience generating leads, and making sales from their own websites, like we have! 😉

What We Offer

Our first product/service offer that we’re launching in 2021 is pre-configured, ready for business websites, designed by marketing experts to maximize conversions for your EXACT business.

We’ve created complete websites (not just basic templates that you have to adapt to your business) for over 100 industries.

[Click here to check out all our industries]

These are completely setup, mobile device optimized and even come complete with 3 blog posts to get you started.

But most importantly… 

Our websites are set up to convert visitors into leads, customers, and clients!

And Best of All…

You can have your business website setup and online in literally 5 minutes for ONE DOLLAR. You just select your industry and complete the sign-up wizard…

…then we automatically insert your business details into your site and guide you through the simple process to get your domain registered and applied and BOOM..

It’s Aaaaallllliiiiiiivvveee!

Then you can customize it as much as you want, or leave it as is and just get back to running your business.

But, this is just the beginning!!! 

We also offer custom site setups where we take one of our pre-configured sites and completely customize it for your business to make it unique and SEO optimized for your business targeted area.

For example we update all page headlines, titles and content to include text and keywords like…(Plumbing Services in Tampa Florida, Yoga Studio in San Diego CA, etc).

In the second quarter of 2021 we will be expanding our offers to include complete digital marketing services including SEO, Content Marketing, Business Listing & Review Management, Paid Advertising (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube), and more.

What’s Our Goal for 2021?

To put it simple, we want to start by helping 1000 small businesses get a lead generating website setup live and ready to do business online in less than 5 minutes… and go from there!

Let Us Help You…

We’re really excited, and looking forward to achieving our goals in 2021.  

So, if you… or someone you know needs a website for their local small business, and You Want Real Results… Then Get A RealWebsite! 

[Click here to get started!]

And to the RealWebsite team… I love you guys!!!

Now, It’s time to get real…. RealWebsite! 😉

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