45 FREE Places To Promote Your Business Website


So, you got a website setup and now your ready for the flood of visitors and customers that your expecting… any… minute… now…

But, to your disappointment, nothing… not 1 visitor… other than you and your friends that you’ve invited to take a look.

Why? How can this be? You spent all that time and potentially lots of money getting the perfect website setup, but NO visitors?

Well, that’s because every day literally millions of websites are created, hundreds of millions of pages are being added to the internet.

And you’re website just another leaf on a tree, and a very large forest.

20 years ago in the late 90s, and early 2000 you could get away with putting up a website, doing some SEO (search engine optimization) and list yourself on a directory or two and BOOM… traffic (website visitors).

But now, you actually have to promote your business website online in order to get visibility and attract visitors.

The good news is, its not that complicated when you have a good plan!

There are various ways to promote your business website. Some are FREE (SEO, Blogging, Social Media, etc.), and others paid (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, etc.).

However, to get you started so you can get the maximum results in the least amount of time…

Here’s a list of 50 sites you can promote your business website with minimum amount of effort and little to no money.

Social Media

This one is a no-brainer and needs really no explanation. So ill just jump right in and give you a list of the social sites you can create a page or profile on and share your content:

Internet Business Directories

Here is a list of the top business directories to add your website:

Submitting your website to online business directories is really easy and while this may not give you tons of visitors immediately, it does give you inbound links and can help with your search engine positioning, which ultimately results in more visitors to your website.

Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarking is one of the oldest ways to get SEO links and traffic from content sites. You simply create a blog post on your blog and then share your post on the bookmarking sites.

Here is a quick list of sites to bookmark your blog posts:

Classified Ads

Remember the classified in your local newspaper… actually, do you even remember newspapers? 🙂

Well, classified ads work the same on the internet as they did in old school newspapers, and lot’s of people use them. I know we as a family use Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace ALL THE TIME.

So, its a good idea to place an ad on those classifieds at a minimum, but here are a few others you can use as well to get more SEO value.

I mentioned a few times the SEO benefits of posting on the sites listed above. If you want to learn more about how these types of postings can affect and improve your search listings, take a min and grab a copy of our Quick Start Guide. In there we explain how SEO works and why inbound links are important….

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